The Benefactor

Oh hey there… you pulled back the curtain. Um… HI!

My name is Jenn Iannaconi and I am the creator (and only real staff) of Strange Provisions. The Proprietor and Customer Service are characters in my head.

I’m originally from in NJ but now I live in Western MA with my husband, our dog and several creepy old dolls that certainly DO NOT watch you as you move around the room.

I have a degree in Educational Toy Design from Hampshire College and have worked variety of crazy jobs including: toy safety tester, webmaster for daily living aid e-store, restaurant tour organizer and outreach for a store dedicated to reselling used construction materials.

I’ve had three businesses of my own over the last couple of decades and all of them are now closed. I have no regrets about any of them but I needed something different. Strange Provisions is it.

A store that isn’t a store. But also may be a real store from time to time. Depends on how I feel. 

I invite you to explore this site, click on all the things, comment, review etc. I love Easter eggs and hidden links and cryptids and creepypastas. This will become more and more evident as the site grows.