New Acquisition

The journal of an unidentified scholar was recently found in a vault recently acquired by one of our regular customers.

As they know we work with specialized conservationists the journal was given to us for restoration. It is not for sale at this time but if we can determine its origins and restore some of the notes it may be quite valuable.

Two of the most intact pages are below. We’ve transcribed the notes from these pages for you.

“When you first see it, it appears to be a white marble cathedral at the edge of a thick forest. The friezes depict scenes of angels in heaven and demons in hell. The medallion shows a pair of wings with golden rays and a cross that shines at the foot of the stairs at certain times of the day.”

“The hallway leading towards the stairs is built traditionally. columns, arched ceiling, coffered. Each coffer has an image of an angel. The stairs lead up to a large pair of bronze doors depicting more images of angels and demons.”

“What is most remarkable about the building is that it uses forced perspective to appear bigger than it is. While the construction is completely mundane the fact that you cannot approach the cathedral from the sides or back certainly isn’t.”

If you have any thoughts on where this expedition took place please leave a comment below.

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